Behind the Scenes at BrandComet… provides world-class marketing ideas, retail quality logo merchandise plus embroidered clothing, corporate gifts, traffic building promotions and wholesale commercial printing solutions. We are committed to providing the most effective, highest quality, best products and promotional services in the world. We create each promotion individually, customize it to meet our customer's need and produce it exceed their expectations.


The following vision and mission, is the corner stone of our philosophy...


 Boost Your Image… Customize Your World


BrandComet is a global company. We ship everywhere, because our customers are everywhere. Our website is listed on all the major search engines worldwide which serves the global marketplace. So, what’s BrandComet about? Customization. Customization is changing the planet. Whether it is used for building spirit for a political candidate, building team identity and enthusiasm for company employees, a sporting team or high school, or even increasing sales with such successful marketing techniques like gift with purchase, customization is the advantage for marketing success. BrandComet serves many of the biggest and most successful global brands in the world, by assisting them in building their marketing environments and brand images and making them more exhilarating. By using customization we create buzz and enthusiasm for their ideas, services and products. This serves in bring awareness to themselves in the worldwide market place. For example we boost their images by constructing and fashioning a one of a kind T-Shirt for an advertising campaign, artistically design bags for a convention, or manufacturing unique logoed umbrellas for a sporting event… all with the customers marketing message or logo on them. We boost attention to our customer’s brands by using successful global customization techniques. We are the authority when it comes to customization.


BrandComet's Products...


Boost Image = Boost Sales. We create premium quality marketing incentive products to help you boost your image and your sales. We at BrandComet are keen on supplying our customers with the opportunity to increase enthusiasm for their brands through customization. We continue to be committed to offering the best custom products to the best brands in the world.


BrandComet… The Company


Our BrandComet Team consists of extraordinary individuals and they are the main reason for our rapid success. They are our greatest asset and the major sustainable advantage for our company. We are all about people… our customers, our employees, and our global partners. BrandComet began with an initiative 11 years ago. We publicly launched our first website in the Fall of 2000… And, we have only just begun..


BrandComet… The Team


We are thinkers... idea people. We are ideas in action. We believe that there are infinite ideas that produce infinite possibilities. We are comprised of brilliant people… Philips Exeter graduates, manufacturing, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering whiz’s, water polo players, certified management accountants, certified financial managers, Rollins Interns, attorneys, professional designers, professional artists, product design specialists, cartoonists… we are drawn together by the inspiration that comes with new ideas.


BrandComet Technology & Innovation


Whatever your vision is we use our own technological resources in addition to our worldwide partners to bring to our customers the newest and most unique decorating styles and the hottest… never before seen products.


The BrandComet Mission...


To deliver products that grab the world’s imagination and to use these products to boost marketing initiatives and brand awareness.



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